Basic Information About Athens Police Department

The department is located at:
951 E. Hobbs Street in Athens, Alabama.

It’s administrative hours are:
8:00am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday

Important numbers:
256-233-8700 – Dispatch Number for Emergencies and routine police business
256-233-8707 – Administrative Offices
256-232-7230 – Code Enforcement Division
256-233-8769 – Fax Line

For emergencies requiring immediate assistance dial 256-233-8700 for a police dispatcher or 9-1-1

Injured in an Accident in Athens? Here’s How You Find a Reputable Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer will help you file a claim and get a compensation that covers all your needs after sustaining an injury. It is possible to obtain a compensation without the help of a lawyer but working with a professional who knows about personal injury claims increases your chances of getting a more important compensation.

Choose Someone Who Specializes In Personal Injury Cases

There are several areas of law and while some lawyers take on all kinds of cases, some professionals decide to specialize in a certain area. There are federal and state laws regarding personal injury compensations and hiring a lawyer who does not specialize in this type of law means you will have to pay them to conduct research. A specialized lawyer will probably charge you more due to their experience and knowledge but should be able to prepare your case within a much small time-frame, which results in less billed hours for you. Besides, you will be more likely to get an important compensation if you work with a specialized lawyer.

Hire A Lawyer With An Excellent Reputation

Make sure the personal injury lawyer you choose has a strong reputation and several years of experience. You should contact the local American Bar Association to learn more about different lawyers in your area. If a personal injury lawyers has a lot of bad reviews or cannot provide you with references, it is best not to hire them. If you decide to work with a law firm to get a compensation, make sure you choose a firm that will have lawyers work on your case. Some law firms reduce expenses by having lawyers meet with clients but actually have paralegal professionals do most of the work.

Choose A Lawyer Who Takes The Time To Ask Questions

A good personal injury lawyer should take the time to find how the injury was sustained and to carefully review any kind of proof associated with your claim. According to St. Louis personal injury lawyer John Medler, if a lawyer claims that they can easily obtain a large compensation without reviewing this information or without taking the time to ask questions, do not hire them. Obtaining a compensation from an insurance company is never easy, regardless of the documents available. A lawyer who tells you they can easily obtain a compensation for you is trying to convince you to hire them regardless of what they will actually be able to do for you.

Meet With Different Lawyers If Possible

If you can, take the time to meet with different personal injury lawyers. Most lawyers offer free consultations to get to know potential clients better. These free consultations provide you with an opportunity to learn more about different lawyers and to get a better idea of which professionals will be able to help you. Call different lawyers, schedule some free consultations and prepare a list of questions. Find out how much experience they have, make sure they have worked on similar cases in the past and ask about the average compensation they can obtain for their clients. If a lawyer spends most of the free consultation trying to convince you to hire them, do not work with them. Choose a professional who asks questions about how the injury was sustained and who spends most of the free consultation looking at the documents you have.

Do Not Wait Too Long Before Hiring A Lawyer

Sustaining a serious injury has probably upset your usual schedule and can make it difficult to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, you should be aware that obtaining a compensation is usually easier if you get legal help shortly after sustaining the injury. You have five years to file for a compensation in Missouri but proving that you sustained an injury and that it affected your life becomes more difficult if you wait. If possible, get friends or relatives to help you find a good lawyer while you recover from your injury and put all the relevant documents aside if you do not plan on hiring a lawyer right away.

Have Realistic Expectations

A compensation for a personal injury should cover all your medical expenses as well as the income you were not able to earn due to your injury. In some cases, you might be able to obtain a larger compensation to make up for trauma or for loss of quality of life. However, if you are expected to fully recover from the injury, do not expect to get a compensation that will cover loss of qualify of life. Any lawyer who claims otherwise is not a good choice. Look for a professional who does their best to give you a realistic expectation of the amount of the compensation you can expect to get.

Don’t Forget To Ask About Your Lawyer’s Fees

A good lawyer should be very upfront about their fees. You should not hesitate to spend more to hire a great lawyer with a solid reputation and a lot of experience with personal injury claims since you will be more likely to obtain a larger claim. If possible, choose a lawyer who is willing to receive a percentage of your claim once you obtain it. Paying upfront fees for a personal injury lawyer is more risky but can end up being a cheaper option. Regardless of the option you choose, look for a lawyer who is completely honest when it comes to their fee structure.

These tips will help you find the right personal injury lawyer. Take the time to meet with different professionals and to do some background research before hiring a lawyer. If possible, get a referral from another lawyer you have worked with before. Look for a professional who has plenty of experience with personal injury claims and a strong reputation. Your lawyer should take the time to assess your situation and give you realistic expectations regarding the amount of the claim you can expect to receive.